Travel Light

by Longen

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released March 1, 2017

An album by Longen
Guus van Mierlo, Johan Reijnders, Ralph Timmermans, Rebecca Sier

All songs written & performed by Longen
* "On Track" created in an early morning jam session with Tjebbe Zeeman on guitar
* "Toughest Guy" organ played by Rob Cornelissen
* Bells and a guitar on "Hey" created by Jeroen Coudron

Recorded at Zuurstofstudio - Mixed by Ralph Timmermans at Zuurstofstudio & Wessel Oltheten at Spoor 14 - Mastered by Wessel Oltheten at Spoor 14

Artwork by Nikki Nordmann

THNX: Rob, Tjebbe, Nikki, Wessel, Thijs de Melker & Thijs Cadier

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all rights reserved


Longen Amsterdam, Netherlands

Erratic, ominous, playful

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Track Name: Intelligent Machine
Hold a gun
The metal has yet to warm up
Heart rate slows
You'll get used to
A power to kill

Put the light switch off
To make it seem it was
Not your fault

Intelligent Machine
He likes to learn
It was not his fault
And does his job

Above the snow
Hunter's back
He didn't know where to go
The machine's asleep
And everything's on hold
In the calm of night
This is where I flow

Start pushing me down
So I can breathe you

My body's wet
On cruise control
In this place nobody cares
Whether you're high or low
United to forget
As long as the beat flows
As we all indulge
In this chemical war

It's just chemical war
Track Name: Hey
Daily dose of poetry chanting
Roaming through our city's streets
Daily duty free enlightenment
By an unknown wheelchaired man
Fell someday and became religious
Left mathematics and grew a greying beard
Track Name: Toughest Guy
She's a rebel on a perfect day
She is something I cannot escape
She's the poison running through my veins
She is everything when we trick our brains

You can let me have it
Addicted fool
Kicking the habit
Pull, pull

You can let me have it
That's what you'll do
Kicking the habit
I'm a fool

She's the mirror I just cannot face
She's the medicine I refuse to take

You're the toughest guy
Walking on the sidewalk
(You should know)
Track Name: Elysa
Take me Elysa, take me home
Take me Elysa, I've grown old
I wouldn't worry, I'd let you in
Take me Elysa and win

Make me a sentence, make me sing
Make me a doll to turn into
I wouldn't worry to shed my skin
Take me Elysa and win

Take us Elysa, work your strings
Make us believe we are living
Tell us our stories we're all listening
Take us Elysa, you will
Track Name: Collect Hostages
Collect postmarks
Collect math
Reject hostage
Reject fear

Find out
What they are talking about
In their own time
And what it means to have own time

Your culture is different from mine
So you think you might act
Differently because of that
But what would happen if you would've been born here
I guess your brain is
Just a bit
Hey, don't worry now, you're still alive

Did your mother like you from the start
Or did she have to get used to another human being?
Track Name: On Track
Second thought, we hadn't met
You were late, to be born yet
But he'll wait, he never knows why

I take a seat, there's company
Play a game, we make puzzles
Still grow, a piece by piece

We're in disguise and we wanted to

Never mind, he got inside
You were loving his melodies
You never understood why

Young lover, he arrived
Look at them wagging their tales
That's how the butterflies found out

They are going to leave the house tonight

On track, you never know how far

All these gardens fall in the same light
All these people passing by
All these stories playing at the same night
All these bodies passing by

Sky above the sky above another
All these gardens, the same light
Track Name: Calm
Seven seconds it travelled
At its fastest pace
Found some squared meters
To lighten up our faces

We had walked through the city
That could've had any name
But it happened to be Berlin
And we stayed

What's the point of growing old?
Disconnected from the noise
And all is calm
We have nothing to wait for

We saw dolls green and glowing
In an electronics shop
Saw the activist man on his bike a few times
Shouting indistinctly

He said, "go with the city"
I said, "come let's have lunch"
And we ate, worked, walked and talked
Just like so many

What's the point of growing old?
Disconnected from the noise
And all is calm
We have nothing to wait for